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    630,00 € 749,00 €

    The first ceiling fan truly without blades! Powerful and quiet, the temperature spread throug the room in 90 seconds. Model without LEDS Preorder of the new generation - Exhale fan GENERATION 4Estimated availability: April 2019Take advantage of promotional code PREORDER50 (50 € discount) to compensate the waiting time

    630,00 € 749,00 €
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    690,00 € 849,00 €

    The first ceiling fan without blades! Powerful, quiet and economical. Preorder of the new generation 4 - Exhale fan GENERATION 4 with its illuminating LED (WARM LEDS 3K)Estimated availability: April 2019Take advantage of promotional code PREORDER50 (50 € discount) to compensate the waiting time

    690,00 € 849,00 €
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The vortex bladeless ceiling fan that ventilates the entire room

Ecological, Economical & Quiet: discover the exhale fan

7 reasons to choose an Exhale fan without blades

1 - The Exhale fan is almost imperceptible even at maximum speed, its volume is between 30 and 40 decibels.

2 - The Exhale fan is the friend of your health. The air in the room is kept constantly in motion, all moisture are eliminated and the air is sanitized.

3 - The Exhale fan is an air purifier that eliminates bad smell thanks to the permanent circulation of air in the room.

4 - The Exhale fan allows you to save money thanks to its patented technology wich combines energy efficiency and maintaining a constant temperature, in perfect complementarity with your air conditioning or heating.

Energy savings up to -38% (USA study 2013 )

5 - The Exhale fan is soothing. Even at high speed, it does not sweep anything in the room: you can lie down in peace!

6 - The Exhale fan is elegant. Its spherical, clean line, with no visual screws, fits perfectly with any interior.

7 - The Exhale fan is an alternative between air conditioning and the traditional ceiling fan.


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The Exhale fan is a bladeless ceiling fan whose concept is unique.

It acts like a plane reactor (but silent and ecologic) in your living room.

The exhale fan creates a vortex effect that takes the air under the exhale fan to redistribute it 360 degrees all around the room.

The bladeless ceiling exhale fan can stir the air in the entire room, regardless of its size (1 fan for 50 square meters) and height (up to 6 meters).