Exhale Fan snow white NO Leds


New product

The first ceiling fan truly without blades! Powerful and quiet, the temperature spread throug the room in 90 seconds. Model without LEDS

Preorder of the new generation - Exhale fan GENERATION 4
Estimated availability: April 2019
Take advantage of promotional code PREORDER50 (50 € discount) to compensate the waiting time

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630,00 € tax incl.

-119,00 €

749,00 € tax incl.

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Preorder of the new generation 4 - Exhale fan

The newer generation (GEN 4) includes the following improvements :
  • Even more efficient and higher speed motor for a stronger ventilation & air speed (1 meter per second on this new version versus 0.6 meters/second on the previous one). These new numbers are obtained without any increase in noise or electricity consumption (which remain the same).

If you pre-order, this newer version of the fan will be delivered to you with any additional cost. You can also use the discount code PREORDER50 for an additional rebate of 50€ on the online shop.
Waiting for replenishment
Estimated availability: April 2019
All the fans we will receive early February are already pre-sold. (Air transport in progress towards our warehouse in France).
If you already have pre ordered your fan, you will be delivered mid February, 2019.
Contact us for more details (contact@exhale-europe.com)
Take advantage of promotional code PREORDER50 (50 € discount) to compensate for the wait

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Dimensions: Height 18 cms, diameter 86.4 cms.
With its 18 cms in height, the exhale fan fits perfectly in all environments, including low
Weight: 11.4 kilos
Color: white

6-speed remote control

Level 1: (4 Watts, 120 rpm)
Level 2: (6 Watts, 158 rpm)
Level 3: (9 Watts, 198 rpm)
Level 4: (16 Watts, 236 rpm)
Level 5: (36 Watts, 274 rpm)
Level 6: (50 Watts, 312 rpm)
Displaced airflow : 2973 liters per minute

Sound volume :
Level 1: (33-35 dB)
Level 2: (35-37 dB)
Level 3: (36-38 dB)
Level 4: (37-38 dB)
Level 5: (38-41 dB)
Level 6: (40-45 dB)
(eg. 40 dB = silent library)

Fan: guaranteed for life
Electric motor 5 years

Waiting for replenishment.
Take advantage of promotional code PREORDER50 (50 € discount) to compensate for the wait.
Assembly and Set Up of Exhale Fan (in English)
Video to watch before installing your Exhale fan.