Exhale Fan White GEN 4.5 (with LED)

New product

The first ceiling fan without blades! Powerful, quiet and economical.

The flattest ceiling fan on the market (18 centimeters)

Order new model - Exhale fan GENERATION 4.5 with its illuminating LED (WARM LEDS 3K)

Choose warm yellow LED light (3K) or cool white LED light (6K)

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699,00 € tax incl.

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Order the new model - Generation 4.5: Exhale fan

The flattest ceiling fan on the market (18 centimeters)

The newer generation (GEN 4.5) includes the following improvements:
  • Even more efficient and higher speed motor for a stronger ventilation & air speed. These new numbers are obtained without any increase in noise or electricity consumption (which remain the same).

The Exhale ceiling fan is equipped with the highest quality motor available, the BL DC motor (Brushless DC motor).
BL DC motors combine the advantages of DC motors and brushless motors.
They are very reliable, very efficient in terms of performance/size ratio and efficiency.
Their torque is very high and their operating range is wide (up to 300 rpm at speed 6).

LED lamp (either warm or cool):

  • Built-in LED light (3K)
  • Warm Light (WARM LEDS 3 Kelvin 1050 Lumen)
  • Warm LED only requires 15 watts for 1050 Lumen illumination.


  • Built-in LED lamp (6K)
  • Warm light (COOL LEDS 6 Kelvin 1200 Lumen)
  • Cool LED requires only 15 watts for 1200 Lumen illumination.

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The first ceiling fanwithout blades! Powerful and quiet, temperature spread throug the room in 90 sec.

Product Description

LED: Warm yellow LED light (3K) or cool white LED light (6K)

Dimensions: Height 18 cms, diameter 86.4 cms.
With its 18 cms in height, the exhale fan fits perfectly in all environments, including low
Weight: 11.4 kilos
Color: white

6-speed remote control
The ventilator is delivered with its bluetooth remote control.

Level 1: (4 Watts, 120 rpm)
Level 2: (6 Watts, 158 rpm)
Level 3: (9 Watts, 198 rpm)
Level 4: (16 Watts, 236 rpm)
Level 5: (36 Watts, 274 rpm)
Level 6: (50 Watts, 312 rpm)

Displaced airflow : 115 803 liters per minute

Sound volume :
Level 1: (27 dB)
Level 2: (31,5 dB)
Level 3: (37.5 dB)
Level 4: (38.1 dB)
Level 5: (38.7 dB)
Level 6: (40 dB)

Warranties (parts)
Fan: guaranteed for life
Electric motor 5 years

Assembly and Set Up of Exhale Fan (in English) 
Video to watch before installing your Exhale fan. 

The fan is supplied with a remote control as standard, allowing you to adjust :

  • The rotation speed (1 to 6).
  • The light (independent of the ventilation).
  • Light intensity (dimmable from 20 to 100%).

Exhale delivery prices (per fan)

Metropolitan France = 15€ (excluding Corsica)
Continental Europe = 30€
United Kingdom = 90€
Switzerland = 90
Other destinations = on quotation

Examples :
If you order 2 Exhale fans in France, it will cost 30€ (2 X 15€)
If you order 2 Exhale fans in Germany, it will cost 60€ (2 x 30€)