Exhale Fans : Our customers

The Exhale fans are used in many places :

Inside Hotels

To ventilate large rooms, to De-STRATIFICATE the air inside the rooms, To improve the efficiency of heating & Air conditioned (up to 38% less expenses) and save money. Also to provide a cutting edge, ecologic and Design solution for their customers.
The famous Wine produced Domaine OTT (www.domaines-ott.com/fr) recently acquired an Exhale Bladeless Ceiling fan.

Exhale Fan destratification

For people building a new house.

New ecologic regulations go towards more and more efficient and natural energies.
The exhale fan help support a more ecologic approach with low energy, efficient and cost saving ventilation.

Exhale Fan Eco Friendly

To evenly balance the air temperature (Fireplace)

People who have a fireplace know the problem. It is hot near the fireplace but cold everywhere else.
The Exhale fan helps spreading the hot air allover the room, creating a comfortable and warm environment throughout the room.

Exhale Fans balance air temperature

Inside museums – because they can silently ventilate very large areas.

Hence, the Royal Art & History Museum of Bruxelles recently purchased an Exhale fan.

Ventilateur sans pales exhale musée Royal Art et Histoire de Bruxelles