Exhale fan installation tutorial (Vidéo)

Time of Delivery

We usually deliver 10-15 days after receiving confirmation of payment of your order.
For specific colors (other than white) longer deliveries may apply.
Contact us for more details

Setup of the fan by a professionnal

Even though it is quite easy to install, you might want to hire an expert to install your fan. In such case we recommend an electrician (just like any other ceiling fan)
If you wonder if you can do it yourself, we can provide you with a user manual

Can I leave my Exhale fan on 24/7 ?

Yes, it is been designed for that.
At minimum speed (80 rpm) the electric consumption is only 2Watts.
Moreover, the exhale fan is very silent and you will very likely forget that it is on.

What is the recommended ratio of fan/surface for optimal use ?

We recommend 1 fan per 50 square meter (so 2 fans rotating in opposite directions for a 100 square meters room)

Can I install the exhale fan if the ceiling is not flat ? What is the maximum angle in degrees ?

Like every ceiling fan, a flat ceiling is more appropriate.
You can install it on a ceiling with an angle of less than 30 degrees.

Is there a filter to replace ? any maintenance ?

There are no filters on Exhale fans. There is no maintenance. We recommend you dust your fan from time to time.

We have a stove/fireplace and we would like to use the Exhale fan to spread/make the temperature even

The Exhale fan is really adapted for this, creating a confortable and well balanced environment regardless of the season.
Install the fan not too far from the fireplace/stove, for optimal use.